Process of Change Management Explanation for MBA Students

In this book review, the author speaks about the process of change management. Markets are constantly evolving, new markets are coming up daily and this is what triggers the process of change. Companies try to change various aspects of their business. All these changes are ultimately aimed at improving the productivity of the business. Changes may be made in quality control, marketing, interaction with customers and so on – but all these alterations have one single purpose.

That purpose is to enable the organisation to stay ahead of the competitors in existing markets and to capture new markets.  All companies seek to maximise their profits – they accomplish this by improving the consumer experience and by reaching out to potentially lucrative markets. The author has also written about the various strategies that companies can implement in order to gain a competitive edge in the market.

            The author has summarised all the essential points of the book in a very concise and precise manner. He also speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of committing mistakes in the corporate world.

            The researcher has analysed the book review and concludes that the review is quite helpful for those who want to perform a case study on the topic of changes in the industrial sector. However, the review does not offer a clear picture on the leading changes in the corporate world and the process of sourcing.

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