Procedure for Granting Loans and Credits MBA Reference Material

The bank will issue the loans to the private as well as the legal individuals. The loan is the type of funds which are been offered by the banks with certain procedures of paying the money within a specific time. Firstly the customers need to submit their loan application to the particular bank which should include the entire details of the loan amount such as the required loan amount.

The purpose of applying the loan, the documents which are mentioned in the application checklist must be provided including the supportive collateral documents in order to prove the capability of the applicant to repay the loan amount.

The managers will provide the required assistance and support to understand the entire loan procedure to the customers and then they will cross check the entire documents provided by the customers particularly and then if all the documents are sufficient and supportive then the loan will be issued to the particular individual with an agreement copy which includes the payment modes and interest to be paid to the bank. 

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