Presentation Topic for CSE on 4G Technology

Introduction to Presentation Topic for CSE on 4G Technology:

This document helps us to understand the 4G technology in detail. The topics we will cover in this document are introduction to 4G, 4G system working areas, 4G the new generation technology, evolution of communication networks, objectives of 4G, users of 4G, what is 4G mobile technology?, 4G networks advance.

 Introduction to 4g

4G is said to be the technology beyond 3G. It provides the best solution for internet protocol and best service for accessing the multimedia anywhere, and anytime.

What Is 4g?

4G is the abbreviation of fourth generation of wireless technology. The important characteristics of 4G are high bit rates, multimedia services, wireless interface, secured network, reduced cost.

4g the New Generation Technology

4G fulfils all the expectations of the user. It provides the minimum bandwidth with high data transfer. Offers 1Mbps speed for transfer of data for stationary devices using 4G and that for moving id 100Mbps, offers multimedia support for number of applications.

 Evolution of Communication Networks

The evolution of this wireless technology began from the first generation of this technology here voice was the main concern for transferring through networks. Second generation used digital form standards for data transfer such as GSM, and IDEN. Third generation is said to enhancement of 3G. 4G contains all the standard implemented from 3G.

Objectives of 4g

The aim objective of 4G was to provide ease in high definition videos to make easily available to users. To provide ease in video conferencing through long distance. To provide high speed of data rate for data transfer. To provide global roaming across the world for the users. To provide best service for multimedia application for the coming generations.

Users of 4g

The Japanese company NTT Do Co Mo was the first to implement 4G technology. Then soon it was also being launched by Digiweb, Verizon, and Sprint.

 What 4g Mobile Technology

High speed data transmission supported by 4G, available at low cost, open wireless architecture.

4g Network Advances

Free roaming from one standard to another. Global available. Wireless communication, wide area 100Mbps mobility, and local area 1Gbps mobility. Open unified standards. Fully IP based communication standard. Provides service locator for any particular service specified by the user.

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