Presentation on 3G V/S WI – FI

Introduction to Presentation on 3G V/S WI – FI:

This paper explains the is the most widely used technologies used over the world they are 3G and Wi – Fi. Most of the mobile users use this technology to access the internet any where any time. The technologies used do far are 1G, 2G, evolved 2G, 3G, evolved 3G, and 4G. Now let us understand these technologies in detail.

 About 3G

                                3G is said to be the third generation mobile technology. This technology is mainly used by the mobile service providers. 3G uses licensed spectrum so that it can provide wireless coverage for mobile phones. The base station has covers the area around kilometers. It provides higher bandwidth for the data transfer and provides the speed of 384kbps to 2Mbps for data transfer and so that the user can stay connected to the internet.

About WI – FI

                                Wi – Fi is known by its popular name called as wireless Ethernet 802.11b. This technology is used by mobile service provides so that its users can stay connected to internet anywhere, any time. The Wi – Fi network can be accessed up to several feet’s using the bandwidth of 2.4 GHz. Speed for the data transfer provided by the user is 11Mbps. This technology was been invented from the data communication industry of LAN’s which is bi- product of computer industry. There are some more wireless technologies used by the IEEE they are as follows.

a.)    IEEE 802.11 (b, g, and a) – know as WI – FI

b.)    IEEE 802.16 (a) – known as WI – Max or Wider – Fi. Wi – MAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave access) provides internet access for mobile internet users

c.)     IEEE 802.20 – Mobile – Fi – known as Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA). It costs less.

Comparison between 3G AND WI – FI

a.)    Wi – Fi uses IEEE standards where as WCDMA, CDMA2000.

b.)    The maximum speed provided by Wi-Fi is 54Mbps and then provided by 3G is 2Mbps.

c.)     3G is used by cell phone companies and Wi – Fi is used for individual uses or for office use.

d.)    3G is less expensive and Wi – Fi is short range.

Similarities between 3G AND WI – FI

                They both are wireless technologies and can be used by mobile users. They offer the best broadband service to the mobile users and the users using it.


                Both the technologies perform best and provide the fastest data transfer. 

Download  3G V/S WIFI PPT Presentation.

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