Precautions and Medicines for Common Diseases


There are some common infectious diseases like common cold, some eye infections and other viral diseases which can be so easily picked up and some other conditions that effect the functioning of our bodies.

Since the beginning of human existence on the planet, diseases have played a significant role inĀ  the events of every area. This brief listing of some of the most common diseases explains their causes, symptoms, history, prevention and treatment and provides useful information.

Some diseases like Cholera,Diphtheria,Malaria,Mumps,Influenza, Scarlet Fever,Smallpox,Typhoid Fever and Yellow Fever

Here, our application provides some precautions and medicines for common diseases which are listed


Precautions and Medicines for Common Diseases application which displays some frequent diseases and specification of each disease with symptoms,precautions,medicines and whatfood to take while facing the particular problem or disease.

In this application Help provides some additional information listed diseases and also how to use app.

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