To implement the proposed Pre-DFT Processing for MIMO-OFDM Systems with Space-Time-Frequency Coding Project, a MIMO-OFDM system is considered and the number of sub carriers would be 64 across the OFDM symbol. Length of the guard interval would be 12 and few basic assumptions like four receiver antennas at the receiver end and four transmission antennas at the transmitter is taken. A quasi static channel is considered and the channel information is perfectly available at the receiver. 

Expected outputs 

Following concepts are covered and the expected outputs would in the range of 

  • BER performance of the proposed system across the space time frequency code over a six-ray exponential decays Rayleigh fading. .
  • BER performance of the proposed scheme with space-time-frequency over a two-ray equal gain Rayleigh fading channel 

Software: MATLAB 7.4

Weighting coefficient calculation algorithm

  • a) what is weighting coefficient calculation algorithm
  • b) total theory about it.
  • c) how to calculate weighting coefficient algorithm in step by step procedure
  • d) what is its importance
  • e) how it is important to our project
  • f)  how many types of weighting coefficient algorithms are there. wat are they.
  • g) Which type is used in our project?