Practical Windows Security Full Time Course Work

This assignment addresses the following learning outcome(s) of the module:

• To critically explain how to respond to various types of attack that can be applied to a Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems, and apply that knowledge to actually respond to an attack.
• To explain in a systematic manner the importance of systems configuration and management and to undertake systems configuration and management for Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems;
• To perform an Information Technology Health Check (ITHC) and understand the role and limitations of an ITHC in securing Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems.

You are required to produce a 2500 word report, discussing the Windows Domain structure. Assume a Windows 2000/2003/2008 Domain running in native mode. In particular attention should be paid to:

  •  What role/function is the domain structure/relationships play in a Windows domain?
  • What are the security risk/threats to the Windows domain structure?
  • Giving practical examples how can we enumerate/explore a Windows domain structure?
  • How do Windows domains and domain structures communication with each other?
  • What is best practice in securing a Windows domain structure?


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