PPT Presentations Topics for CSE on Bluetooth

Introduction to PPT Presentations Topics for CSE on Bluetooth:

This service is the wireless technology which is an open free usage and that too very low cost. Less power range, radio technology and ad hoc wireless technology that can communicate anywhere all over the world. In other words Bluetooth is wireless technology used for transferring the data information in less distances only from the fixed host or any other mobile devices only.

This can be done using software named as PAN called as the Personal Area Network. The name of this service was kept in 10th century by the person named Danish king and herald blatand. In 1994 this services came into various mobile brands like Nokia, Samsung etc…

This device permits connection and data transfer upon eight other devices. This is done by the concept called pico net. Pico net plays an important role like the masters in the concepts of Bluetooth. As the Bluetooth is less range device it data transfer range is only up to 10 meters. This range can be incremented by using software called the scatter net which is known as the high power antina. A scatternet is the group of pico net which is joined to the Bluetooth devices to get the increase in the Transfer range.

There are total three classes of Bluetooth devices like class 1 radio which has the range of 100 meters to 300 meters.  Class 2 radio which has the range up to 10 meters to 30 feet.  Class 3 radio which has 1 meter to 3 feet of data transfer range. PC card, Cell Phones, PDA’s, hand sets are some of the Bluetooth activated devices.

Advantages of Bluetooth are it is completely a wireless connection so no cables are required, No need of Setup to install Bluetooth, very less power consumption, has a great Industry support. Some of the dis-advantages are short data transfer range, less data rate, only for personal use, little expensive in cost.

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