PPT Presentation on 4G Wireless Evolutions

Introduction to PPT Presentation on 4G Wireless Evolution’s:

This document aims at explaining the 4G technology in detail. The topics we are going to go through in this document are introduction of 4G, evolution of data standards, 3G v/s 4G, 4G the road ahead, closing thoughts data facts, WiMax.

                                Mobile phones are the device which uses two way communications. They allow us the application or service which keeps us connected to the world through internet. This service is called as telephony service.  Telephony consists of evolution of generation or contains many generations in it. The previous generations of wireless technology are 1 G, 2 G, 3G, and now 4G. 4G provides the faster access to internet, high number of data packets to be sent.

Evolution of the Cellular Systems

                                The first generation of cellular system contains the following characteristics analog Transmission, mainly speech, voice band data, circuit switched, and local system. The second generation consists of following characteristics digital data transmission, mainly speech, digital data only, circuit switched networks, and most important it provided global roaming. The third generation had some advanced characteristics than 1 G and 2 G and they are digital data transmission, increased data packet switching, global roaming. The mina aim behind introducing 4 G was transmission of video to be made easy, mainly digital data, mainly packet switching, and global roaming.

3 G v/s 4 G

                                The frequency band provided in 3 G is 1.8 – 2.5 GHz and for that in 4G is 2 -8 GHz.

The data rate transmission provide in 3G is up to 2 Mbps and that for 4G is 100Mbps for moving devices using 4G and that for stationary device such as desktop is 1Gbps. Packet switching used in 3G is circuit and that used in 4 G is packet. Access technology used in 3 G is W – CDMA and that for 4 G is VSF – OFCDM and VFS – CDMA.

4 G Possibilities

a.)    It provides enhanced mobile gaming.

b.)    It gives user the personal media repository.

c.)     Virtual presence.

d.)    Provides the access to broadband in the remote areas.

Wi – Max

                Wi – Max is world interoperability microwave access for the mobile networks and also for the other devices. Ti provides Wi – Fi like services for the laptops. The Wi – Fi embedded in the well known laptops companies are Verizon, Cingular, and sprint. These wireless service are being used by laptop manufactures like HP for Verizon, DELL, Panasonic, Sony, and Lenovo uses Cingular and sprint and also Verizon.  

Download  PPT Presentation on 4G Wireless Evolutions.

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