PPT Presentation on 4G Technology

Introduction to PPT Presentation on 4G Technology:

This document helps us to understand 4G technology in details. It also tells us about the evaluation of this technology and the need of its invention. The previous versions of this technology are 1G, 2G, and 3G. 4G as the name suggests the technology is the fourth generation technology. Let us first understand the above mentioned technologies in detail.

                1G Technology

                                1G as the name suggest indicates the first generation technology. They use analog telecommunication standards which were invented in 1980’s.

                2G Technology

                                2G as the names tell us this the second generation of analog telecommunication. They use digital telecommunication standards and were invented by the end of 1980’s. This technology provided more good quality of voice and high capacity and was cheaper than 1G.

                3G Technology

                                3G is also known as IMT – 2000. It provides faster communication. Faster speed of data transfer, more bandwidth usage.  Better quality of voice calls, video conferencing, and many more.

                4G Technology

                                The most powerful technology which is now available. It provides the fastest speed for data transfer for stationary as well as moving device using 4G. The data rate provided for the stationary device is 100Mbps and that for stationary is 1 Gbps. It uses the latest version or set of IP address that is IPv6. The data rate transfer is 2000 times more than the other technologies. Cellular companies which are using 4G technologies are Alcatel, Nortel, and Motorola.

The IT companies using this technology are HP, and LG Electronics. The drawback of 3G was that the power consumption was more for 3G, but 4G overcomes this drawback and consumes less power. It is also cheaper. The more advantages of 4G are it provide the high speed for multiplayer games online and provide the best mobile gaming facility. The most important feature of 4G is that it is available anywhere and at anytime. It provides the best media rich applications.

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