PPT Presentation on 3G Technology

Introduction to PPT Presentation on 3G Technology :

This document contains the detailed study of 3G technology. Internet usage has become important part of our lives. We have various technology which provides the best support for data transfer and internet security. There are many more features available in market today such as 2G which provides good speed and data transfer rate.

                Let us learn 3G in detail.

 3G Technology

                                3G is third generation technology. It is advancement over the 2G technology. 3G is mostly used for mobiles, which allows mobiles to connect to internet anywhere, any time. It provides the best download usage, fast surfing, and ease in voice calls. It provides parallel use of speech and data surfing with the speed of 14Mbps. The previous generations of 3G includes 1G, and 2G. Let us learn something about the previous generation of 3G.

a.)    1G

1G the First Generation was established in the early 80’s which provides commercial deployment and Advanced Mobile Phone System. This system used Frequency Division Multiple Access for data transfer and carries voice over channel and network with frequency band of 800 MHz’s.

b.)    2G

In 90’s when mobile operators deployed two way digital voice standards at that time 2G emerged. CDMA was used by some operators in 800 MHz in North America. TDMA which works in 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands was been used by GSM which was adopted by many operators around the world.

History of 3G

                                3G was first commercially launched by NTT DoCoMo in Japan on 1 October 2001. The very first mobile operator to launch 3G in India was Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). With this company India entered into 3G market in the year 2008.

Features of 3G

                The features provided by 3G are high data speed, video conferencing support, browsing web at high speed, IPTV support. But the most important features of 3G are data speed and security. For the moving devices the speed provided by 3G is 128 to 144 kbps and for the wired LAN’s the speed goes beyond 2Mbps. 3G provides the best security for data transfer because it uses the KASUMI block crypto instead of the  A5/1 stream cipher used in the previous version.

Application of 3G

                3G is being used for mobile TV, video on demand, video conferencing, tele – medicine, and location based services.

4G Technology

                4G is one of the emerging successor of 3G and its provides more faster rate of data transfer than 3G, and 2G. 

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