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Power Electronics Projects

March 24, 2012

 List of power electronics projects:

This category consists of list of power electronics projects ideas and power electronics project using matlab. Here we update latest power electronics projects which are proposed by JNTU. We also update already developed project abstracts , project reports and ppts.

Here you can download entire project reports and paper presentations related to power electronics for free of cost.

  1. Two Level Cascaded Inverter with Elimination of Low Frequency Harmonics Using Micro Controller
  2. Optimal Residential Load Control with Price Prediction in Real-Time Electricity Pricing Environments
  3. Solar Voltaic Lighting Systems Mini Project
  4. Embedded Controlled Z-Source Inverter fed Induction Motor Project
  5. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) ECE Project
  6. Utilization of electrical power in railway passenger coaches
  7. Wireless Ac Motor Speed Control Using TRIAC
  8. Transformer Efficiency Measuring Meter
  9. Overall Power Distribution
  10. Industrial Automation and Monitoring System
  11. Automatic Power Factor Controlling
  12. Power Grid Control through PC
  13. Electricity Generation through Coal
  14. Brake Failure Indicator Project
  15. Energy Conservation Using PIR Sensor Project
  16. Analysis of 10kw VHF TV Transmitter
  17. Artificial Neural Networks trained load flow analysis Project
  18. Simple Passive Lossless Snubber For High-Power Multilevel Inverter Project Abstract

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