Introduction to Polytechninic Seminar Topic on Designing Network Monitoring System Communication:

The communication between computers for file sharing and accessing data on other computers is called network. Network is defined as communication between collections of computers for sharing resources for example Printer.

The network is classified into three types based data speed and band width and transfer and receive capabilities.

They are:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) 

Local Area Network (LAN):

          LAN is a network between only a number of computers that they are existed with in the building. The speed is up to 512KBPS speed. The band width is small compared to MAN. 

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):

     MAN   network that connects over the city or town and its coverage distance 10-100KMS. The Band Width is high compared to LAN as well as Speed also. Its speed is around 100MBPS.

Wide Area Network (WAN):

 WAN covers the countries its range of coverage is 10,000 kilometers. Its band width is very high and speed is also in GBS Up to 10GBPS.

These networks are allowed to interconnect with different media like twisted pair copper wire, optical capable, coaxial cable, Bluetooth (it covers a meter of distance).In September 1940 George stibitz used to transfer the results from his college to New York and the calculator received the results.

The Network monitoring Includes:

• Automatic Discovery

• Smart Classification & Mapping

• Indepth Performance Monitoring

• Security Management

• Intelligent Alerting

• Solution’s Scalability 


By this network monitoring system one can easily accessed from home and can be monitored. Security is also provided for this system without accessing of intruders and hackers. The system alerts the user whenever another user tries to open the system on network. All resources are shared based on priority.

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