Polymer on Chip Seminar PPT

Paper Presentation Topic: Polymer on Chip

Polymer on chip explains about a concept to improve the microelectronics chip. Cost of this material is low. It can increase packing density as well as it can improve its performance and reliability. Polymer-chip process where the semiconductor chip is gathered face down onto circuit slat is perfect for size. No extra area is needed for the contacting of the side of the component. Due to the minimized length of the connection performance is superior.

Soldering Process:

  • First wafer arrives from IC mfr. After that it is tested.
  • Bumping, Dicing is held after that.
  • After that flux is update to a substrate.
  • Pick and place polymer chip.
  • Reflow, clean and under fill process done one by one.
  • Lastly this process is complete.

Different kind of polymer chip process is available. Some of the example is –

  • Soldering Joining
  • Thermo compression
  • Thermo sonic joining.

Disadvantage of this process:

  • Challenging testing of exposed ceases to exist.
  • Restricted accessibility of knock chip.
  • Repairing is challenging or unlikely.
  • Taking care of exposed chips is challenging.
  • Towering get together exactness required.
  • Material under filling with curing time is wanted.

Advantages of this process:

  • Chip sixe is small, so that it can use anywhere.
  • Functionality can be increased.
  • Performance should be improved by it.
  • It has a better thermal capability.
  • Reliability is much more than anything.
  • This instrument is low cost for that it is easily been used. 


  • Polymer columns manufactured straight on semiconductor chip
  • Joined with uninvolved units
  • Span and length are enlightened
  • 30nm Ti and 700nm Au layers in photolithography plan.
  • Focus-to-focus separating distance is 325 m
  • Flimsy silicon nitride stored.


Polymer chip based devise coupled to the API 3000 mass spectrometer.  The gadget might be utilized for proteomic research.  Trademark of PDs don’t corrupt in creation.  Future manufacture might be finished both electrical and optical polymer.  Horizontal agree ability minimizes optical misfortunes because of counterbalance and upgraded chip reliability.

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