Plasma Display Electronics Seminar Topic

Introduction to Plasma Display:

Plasma Display Electronics Seminar topic explains the plasma display which is a computer video display in which a tiny  bit of plasma or charged gas illuminates each pixel on the screen.

Plasma display panels use micro-discharges in the Xe mixed gas to generate vacuum ultraviolet light to excite phosphor for visible light emission.

This topic also explains the recent experimental findings according to which as the He concentration increases in the He-Ne-Xe mixture, luminance and Luminous efficacy increase but power consumption decreases.

Plasma signage is also used to reach larger audiences, usually representing multiple advertisers 
when placed in venues such as airports, stadiums, trade shows, and theme parks. When display
displayed in professional settings such as banks, universities, hospitals, and offices, the messages cater directly to the particular needs of the clientele.

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