Introduction to Peer2peer Harnessing Project:

Most of the current network scenario around us relies heavily on client-server architecture. The main advantage of client-server application like the internet is that unlimited data packets can be sent to any nook and corner of the world within milliseconds. In peer to peer network (P2P) there aren’t need for separate servers instead the client system can also be doubled as a server system.  P2P can be setup anywhere anytime, be it at company, home or even online, it just needs systems using same compatible program. The connected systems can share files, browse and even control the operating tools remotely. In P2P network each connected system is termed as a “node”. To make the system accessible to the P2P users, usually a part of the system assets like hard disk space or bandwidth are shared.  The main advantage if a P2P system is that absolutely no servers are required and a single system can act as both sender and receiver. In client server architecture though a client system where a server will send and client will receive only.

Advantages of P2P

  • No separate server is needed for transferring files as a system can act as both client and server
  • With all systems having access to one another it is easy to transfer digital data
  • With more nodes, the performance of a P2P network increases in sharp contrast to what happens in client-server architecture where more clients will actually decrease the server performance.

P2P is evolving from time to time, if it started as a technology but it is now has also involved in social process too. In a distributed network it acts a vital connection.

Two types of P2P networks:

  • Structured P2P Network: Follow certain set of algorithms and would be organized
  • Unstructured P2P Network: No axial system, all peers are connected temporarily with each other

In this modern world more and more people are coordinating with each other to create non-profitable social peers which are commonly known as commons-based peer production.

Download Peer2peer Harnessing CSE Project Abstract.