Peer to Peer Content Distribution System Java Project with Source Code and Documentation

Introduction to Peer to Peer Content Distribution System Java Project:

The Project is based the totally removal of the  Streaming media with the quality transfer of the  Packet data. The streaming media is of highly use in the corporate sector to communicate and send the new clips to employees and the clients. This Packet Switching Technology for high quality Streaming video and multimedia transfer has lot of troubles and technical requirement that leads to the proper data communication. 

Apart from the Streaming video on the IP addresses, the corporate sector aware and regulate their infrastructure and confidential information that are shared. Video Coding and the networking needs the treat free communication. The Video Streaming from the server to client should be the effective and trusted, it should be free from threat.   

The Existing System 

The Existing System is Client- Server File Sharing. The Server provides the document or files to the Client on demand. The Centralized server spreads the files when the Client requests for sharing. In response of the request the Server sends the file to the Client. The Server is aimed to distribute files. 

The Demerits of the System 

  1. The Server is unable to handle the multi- requests at the same time, so the Scalability trouble starts.
  2. The Servers has been made for the high processing speed.
  3. The Clients increases the downloading time increases.
  4. The Server is to be prepared for the high storage capacity for storing multimedia files. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System is Peer to Peer Content Distribution System between the Server and the Clients. The System efficiently and more easily spreads the duplicate files to all the Clients. The P2P content distribution system is possessing the interconnected nodes, each node stores the content and bandwidth and passes to the next node. 

The P2P system is a centralized Server System. The System regulates the files distribution without any problem to the Clients. The Server has the details of the storage location of the Shared files in Directories. The user requests for the file search to the Server. In response the Server provides the systematic representation of the Locations and the peers to access the file and download the file. The System is very effective in terms of the Server stores and constantly updates information to all registered Clients. 

Download  Peer to Peer Content Distribution System Java Project with Source Code and Documentation.

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