Pc Regimented Defence Android Using Zigbee Project

Pc Regimented Defence Android Using Zigbee project explains about implementing a remote wireless robotic system which works on zigbee wireless technology. Main aim of this application is to control the movement of the robot for PC with a simple front end application.  This system uses transmitter and receiver for sending and receiving signals. This system works in this way when users specifies direction using PC signals are transmitted to zigbee transmitter through micro controller. Transmitted signals are received by receiver and process information to micro controller which will inform robot about its movements. Using similar procedure we can even connect camera directions.

Zigbee protocol is one of the widely used open source wireless protocol which can be used for free of cost.

Future Enhancement

This project can be further improved by adding some new features in future.Here in this project robot is controlled through PC. And to implement a system in military areas and also to monitor the locations by using cam which is connected to robot. And also we can implement a system in which a robot direction can be controlled wirelessly with respect to the commands given by the user through PC using Zigbee technology.

download PC Regimented De fence Android using Zigbee project full document.

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