Payroll Management System VB and MS Access Project

In this phase the existing system has been studied, the problem is identified, the alternative solutions are analyzed and the best solution has been selected after the feasibility analysis. 

In this step the following steps are carried out: 

                                      1. Existing System

                                      2. Proposed System

                                      3. Comparative System 

              The need for the system stems from the nature of the organization.  In order to justify and appreciate the need for the system, we have to study the existing system.  By conducting the system study, we are able to find out what are the goals specified, whether all the objectives are satisfier, what are the disadvantages of the existing system etc. Here the existing system is maintained manually.  So to computerize this, we must bind the system by identifying the scope of the function and performance that are desired.

                The existing system is maintained manually. In the present system whenever the customer gives an order it is maintained manually in the notebook. Manually they have to update the production order, production plan of items, production monitoring etc.  So the present system is not good enough for the company.

      The disadvantage of the existing system is

  • File maintenance is extremely difficult as every thing is done manually.
  • Information retrieval is difficult and time consuming.
  • Quick analysis of delivery is not possible.
  • Not enough security and privacy.
  • Requires much human effort.
  • Information need not be accurate. 

          The proposed “Payroll Management System” is developed to systematically maintain the employee details and their Appointment Details and their Payroll calculations. This system reduces the Manual File Maintenance and easy to view the details about the particular employee details. This system reduces the manual calculation for employee pay slip. 

Comparative Systems Study

While Comparing the Existing system and proposed system, proposed system is best due to the following reasons 

  • Speed of process increases.
  • After performing a long period human becomes tired, but computer works for a long time continuously (Diligence).
  • Accuracy is more.
  • Deleting, Copying, Updating is possible.
  • Processing Time will be decreased.
  • More Security. 
  • Backup is available.

Salient Features of the system

Hardware Specification

Processor Type          Pentium II

Ram                             128 Megabytes

Clock speed                 866 MHz

Hard disk                    20 Gigabytes

Floppy disk                 1.44 Megabytes

Mouse                         Logitech

Monitor                       Hcl

Keyboard                    Hcl (101 Keys)

Printer                         Epson FX_100 

Software Specification

 Front end                         Visual basic 6.0

Back end                         Ms-Access 7.0 

Operating System            Windows 98

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