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Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

November 12, 2012

Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing

Paper Presentation Title:

Morphological Image Processing

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Morphological Image processing:

 Morphological Image processing explains about the comparison of two images and their geometric pattern in terms of their values. Morph is related to the biological science that is used to deal with structure of plants and animals.

Morphological Image Processing Uses:

They are used by the forensics for the matching of two finger prints image. Images are also digitally processed that means that each bit of the image is fed one at a time. This is used for solving many problems. Finger print technique is used from the 19th century. If the image is degraded then the image are enhanced and restored that needed microscopy and experiments which might be too costly. Basically images are of three types:

Binary images are those in which each pixel is either I or 0.  A programmer can read the image and can put the more information to the pixels. Every image has header and data segment. Header is used to denote the height and width of the image and data segment stores the data of the image. In binary image the elements are positioned and they are compared with the neighborhood pixels.

If the pixels are one then the corresponding pixels are also one. Then the further operation Boolean operations are done. Dilation of the image is done, it increases the size of the image and it depends on the structure elements.Dilation also changes the shape by using the morphological operations. 

These techniques can be used on the both grey tone and binary images. Erosion is used to make the image shrink that too depend on the structure elements. It removes the unwanted pixel from the edges. It makes the image new by removing all the blur edges and makes it smooth. It also used in the extracting the boundaries of the image.

Future Scope:

 Morphological Image Processing Seminar topic  can be used in different applications to solve different problems.

Download Paper Presentation on Morphological Image Processing full Report.

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    i want research on how i could develop a fingerprint recognion system. can you help me wth materials?

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