Paper Presentation on Cloud Computing

Suppose you want restructure your business application and reduce the cost of the software and its application. The special applications which are being used in current market are too costly and need highly skilled labor to maintain them. This business application requires huge data, they require big office space; maintain cost, electric power, bandwidth, network, servers and storage. Also they require complicated software and huge expert to solve configure and maintain them. Assume each servers remain stable they require upgrades or updates of software to ensure that business does not break. The chances of breaking the software application when there are any upgrades to the software. Assume to maintain a big application and it might require more software or business apps and to maintain it requires huge costs to acquire and maintain them.

The solution for the above problem, power computing is one of the better option to setup your own application which can run on their shared data centers which can be used as utility and can cost less. Example, Gmail which does not require servers and storage it uses cloud computing. When you use any application that can run on Cloud, you can login and customize the application


  • Reduces hardware and software requirements
  • Reduces capital expenditure by purchasing software as service
  • Reduces IT infrastructure
  • Allows to increase or decrease computing by fly.


  • Security Concern
  • Internet connection
  • Too many platforms
  • Location of servers
  • Time for Transition
  • Speed

Sample applications and services are available for cloud computing

  • Email Service
  • Human Resources Service
  • Project Management Service
  • CRM Service
  • Office applications Service
  • Backup Service
  • Storage Service

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