Paper Presentation on Biometrics

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Biometrics:

It is a pattern recognition system that identifies person according to their characteristics and behavior. As today everyone uses computers and mobiles and there are used for illegal; purpose as well, so it must that they must be protected from fraud. Like ATMs, cellular phones, desktops, workstations. The first device was used in back 30 years ago called as indentimat. They take the image of the user and then match it with images they have in their data bases. They also work physiological characteristics like finger print, eyes pattern, facial pattern.

They are used in most of banks for card fraud, telephone transactions, workstations, travel and tourism, internet transactions and now it is also public identity cards like ‘ AADHAR’.

Fingerprint: every user has its unique pattern on her hands. These patterns are successfully used in many applications. This is very old method but very used. These techniques are based on two categories, minutiae-based and correlation based.

Face retrieval systems: this technique is based in the face identification. Computer record the still image of the face and keep in the database and next time it identifies the face. They are used in surveillance computers or human interface computers.

Hand geometry: this technique uses the shape of the body part like hand. This is not unique. They are generally used for frequent identification.

Retina and iris recognition:  this is very rarely in fact of that truth that retina is unique but also it is less used. It requires proper light at the black spot. They are generally used by military.

Whereas In few places they use multi- scanning systems like fingerprinting with eye scanning together. They are used in heavy systems like super computers for security purpose and by defense.

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