Paper Presentation for CSE on Routing and Remote Access Services for Windows NT Server

Introduction to Routing and Remote Access Services for Windows NT Server:

Windows and remote access services provides lot of opportunity to software industries, hardware industries,  system integrators, value added resellers and network managers to participate in new interconnected network especially for their infrastructure, branch office and edge-to-edge deployments. Windows NT basically provides two services: Remote Access Service (RAS) and multiprotocol.

Windows NT is basically means for networking. It provides full functional internetworking products in its platform. Now hardware manufacturers can avail the feature of network access solutions by RRAS and Windows NT server. It provide some features like RIP, OSPF, DHCP, static routing and compatibility with industry standard LAN and WAN.

Enhanced remote access: they give features like extensible authentication protocol, bandwidth allocation protocol and RRAS. By which user can access these features. In includes:

  • Automatic dialing
  • Demand for dial routing
  • Security feature by using CHAP and MS-CHAP
  • Extensible authentication protocol.
  • RAS profiles for different users
  • Encryption of data
  • Point to point data tunnel from client-to-server
  • Point to point data tunnel from server-to-server
  • File copy operation restart able
  • PPP multi-link, and
  • BAP (bandwidth allocation protocol

For managing routing we should have graphical user interface so as to interact with system, or command line user interface to pass necessary instruction, wizard that demand for dial routing setup and remote server manageability.

Securing network communication:security of the network is the important feature for any communication. RRAS provides following features for network security like IP address filtering and IPX packet filtering.

Multi protocol LABE switching: it is used to provide the separation between customers. It is an internet engineering task force protocol standard pioneered by cisco systems. They deliver private network using 3 layers infrastructure.

 Download Paper Presentation for CSE on Routing and Remote Access Services for Windows NT Server .

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