Introduction to Owning Antivirus PPT Presentation :

Today the secured data transfer has become the important concern for the computer users. Antivirus is the program which runs your operating system and protects your computer from being infected from other threats spread from internet. Antivirus is a third party product which uses a heterogeneous and layered environment.

Why to Use Antivirus?

                User machine always be tried to attach by the other program when connected to internet. These programs infect the file system in machine and corrupt the processing and working of the machine. So to protect machine from this attacks we use antivirus. These antiviruses are available on different platforms which are being widely used such as windows, Linux, MAC, and Solaris. This was all about why to use antivirus. Now let us see how antivirus works and remover the infected file and protect the machine from getting infected.

How Does An Antivirus Work?

                Antivirus follows some pattern of signatures and has a particular behavior which predicts their action for a particular thereat. The   core components in building of antivirus are IO filters, format engines. Standard features provided by the antivirus are updates provided by the third party to keep you antivirus updated so that it can clean or detect all the programs which can causes threat to machine. Common configuration in an antivirus are scan level, scan size, and scan method. The code coverage of antivirus covers following points.

a.)    Signatures

A signature contains filed values, filed size, strings.  

b.)    Core Utilities

Core utilities of antivirus are easy to locate. They are wrapped in buffers.

c.)     Constructs

Constructors used in code utilities are used to convert the format of data types.

d.)    Audit point Inefficiencies

Issues can rise when the product is not strict than the engine.

e.)    O – day

O – Day measures the number of infected files.

Commonly used viruses are McAfee, Fseucre, trend Micro. 

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