OSP (Online Store Prototype .Net Project)

Project Title:   OSP (Online Store Prototype .Net Project)

Technology & Tools:   C#. NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server2005

Project Description:

OSP (Online Store Prototype .Net Project) was developed using C#.Net, ASP.Net under Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Typically the online store could be any kind of business carried over the Internet Marketing.  

For example Book Store, Food Store, DVD Store, Shoes Store, Garments Store, Computer Hardware store, Mobile Store, etc. It is not necessary to have a PHYSICAL STORE at some place for opening an online store.

1)  Customer: This customer module is the role of the regular user involved in online shopping.There is a couple of levels involved in placing an order. Initially, the customer will browse the required product what he wants with related products. 

The selected products will be added to the shopping cart.Then the customer can place the order, i.e. the checkout level.

They can utilize the discounts available if any like they can use the bonus code to reduce the price. Once the order is placed, the customer will be notified through an email & mobile SMS about their order confirmation.

2) Store Owner: The store owner potentially could be the administrator of his store. He has all privileges to add, delete, order, update, and modify the products. 

The store owner will be provided with a login & password to access his/her information and as well as the orders, products, order confirmations etc. The store owner will be having the complete rights on the database.

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