Organizational Goals and Strategy Implementation

The long term or short term goals of the organization are accomplished by developing an effective strategy. “The success of any strategy begins with skilful recruitment and human resources policies and work through internal debate and effective communication.”.  The strategy is analyzed through the means of planning to gain ability and core competencies in order to attain the organizational goals. Sharing the strategy among the employees of the organisation in a effective manner is the key to success. When the employees know about the strategy, they work in tune with the strategy and this leads to a progressive effect on the front line managers.

As mentioned in the Lewis Carol’s poem, if employees are unclear about the motives behind the company’s strategy, they don’t synchronize their efforts in tune with the company’s goals to make it a success. The strategy should be interpreted by the employees and effectively digested by the employees. When the employees are clear about their path ahead, they tend to be more confident and contend. . Strategy is defined as “plans, programme’s and intentions to develop the human capability of an organization to meet its future needs of its external and internal environment”

One of the key factors of the organizational success is the efficient divulgement of the strategy to the work force in action. The CEOs of large business organizations generally employ divergent strategies to enhance company performance for the very same firm. The studies in the early 70’s suggest that CEO’s tend to be more inclined the issue of how the strategy is framed rather than how the strategy is implemented. Research identifies that enterprises with strategy clearly defined and explained to the employees reflect better performance than those enterprises where the motives of the strategy are made unclear to the employees. All the functional departments like finance, operations, human resources and marketing are integrated in tune with the strategy.

The strategy implementation is performed and made available to employees in various ways and means of achieving it should be clearly disposed to the employees. In the business scenario, strategies enable to view at the future prospects of the organisation in terms of its products, services and potential markets. So, far very little is been researched on implementing and measuring the strategy of the company. The way in which how different operational functions of the organisations interpret it and communicate it reflects the might and well-being of an enterprise.

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