Organizational Change Management Process

One of the toughest challenges that are faced by any organization is implementation and selection. The author of this article writes about the various challenges that are involved in a company. He writes about the company changes that are needed to be followed in order to have a successful implementation program. He also explains about the various businesses that bring about changes the lifestyle of the public.

He writes about the importance of tracking number of skills that an employee has and how he utilizes it in the business. He also briefs about the procedure of work performed in a business. He also writes about the different elements that constitute the organization. The author describes these elements by splitting them into four categories which include people, structure, work and process. He also states the various tools that are used in the organization.

These tools represent the software and hardware systems and the policies that are manually written. The main idea of the author is to explain the elements which must be redesigned to fit their purpose.

The researchers suggest the author to work more on the field of strategy. The researches also feel that all the topics must be supported with some more research to cater to the level of understanding of the reader. 

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