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Introduction to Optical Computing Seminar Topic:

The paper is about optical computer. Usage of electric current can cause damage to the hardware due to the heat generated in systems. And when processing speed increases an extra heat is generated causing the hardware to damage. It is not the case with the light; therefore a powerful system can be developed.

A usage of optical computer is capable of performing a lakh times faster when compared to other existing models. The performance is high in the optical system as it supports operations to run parallel. The speed of electric current is very less when compared to the speed of light.

Optical computing provides a new approach for designing processors and other components. The approach of sending data electrically along tiny wires is replaced with new technology silicon photonics when data is transmitted using laser light.

The computers have a great impact on today’s life. The main objective of this project is improving the speed of the computer. In addition people are looking for solutions for their problem, with high speed and better performance. Unfortunately there is some physical problem with implementation of VLSI technology to meet modern requirements. 

Optical interconnections and optical integrated circuits create a solution to these limitations in terms of computational speed and complexity. In the optical computer with electronic circuits and wires can be replaced by fibres so that the system can be more efficient in terms of cost or performance. 

We can conclude that the usage of light instead of electric current can increase the performance and it will not cause any damage to hardware or system parts and at the same time applications can be run parallel. Hence we can suggest that optical computer has lot many advantages over traditional system.

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