Ontology based Retrieval of Components Project in Java

Ontology based Retrieval of Components Project in Java is a new method for improving the process of software development. From many years software engineers are working to develop a effective method where software development process can be completed in short time. In this process different software components are available for developers to integrate to their application and develop a software is short time.

Ontology based Retrieval of Components

Ontology based Retrieval of Components Modules Overview:

  1. End user  module
  2. Ontology Manager
  3. Administrator 

Module Description

End User

The end users of this software system can be differentiated by using their membership and    contributions to the system. In addition, users can vary based on the purpose; thus, users (or class of users) can be differentiated based on user defined QoS specifications while accessing   the service.

Ontology Manager

Ontology Managers are those who searches the information based on the component description information which is associated with ontology to provide semantic meaning, which builds the foundation for semantic reasoning in the component retrieval process.


Administrator is a person who will take care of all registration status, acceptance of new uploads, and many other tasks to reduce the ontology manager’s burden.

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