Online Training facility for the medical professionals on Trauma 


The main aim of this application is provide an internet based training system to train the medical professionals on Trauma disease.  This research mainly concentrates on designing a web based training portal where the medical professionals can learn different aspects of Trauma disease.

Changed Aim

To develop an online portal that provides training on Trauma disease to medical professionals. 


Following deliverables could be derived across the web application development

  • A well designed distant training portal, where there are lot of articles on Trauma disease.
  • Database where all the dynamic content about the articles are maintained
  • Role based login and proper administration to the database. 

Changed Deliverables

Following are few deliverables that could be derived across the application development

  • Project will deliver an online training portal with rich user interface
  • A customizable database template, where all the articles and journals related to Trauma disease are maintained
  • A well documented research work on Trauma disease and how to create an online training database. 

Research Questions

  1. How to evaluate the data of Trauma disease and maintain the related content online?
  2. How to provide secured access to the web based training portal, such that only    privileged users can access the articles and content related to Trauma.

Modified Research Questions

  1. How to create an online training portal that provides training to medical professionals
  2. What is Trauma disease and how far the online training benefits the medical professionals to gain the knowledge on it?