Introduction to Online Tele Network Project:

Online Tele Network Project is implemented in java platform using oracle as back end database. Online tele network projects main idea is to develop a customer support related website for telecom companies to provide best services for users by reducing manual work for users. Using these system users can register with online portal and request for new connections, and request for repair related information by submitting customer details in web portal. With these procedures telecommunication companies can reach their users by solving problems with less work. This method will reduce human resource and cost for providing customer service.

In existing system manual method is used where users need to visit nearby office and submit application form to solve problems or take new connections which is a time taking process.

This application is implemented in four modules user module, enquiry module, admin module and report module.

User Module: Using these module users can know customer support they can get from this portal and conditions and policy they need to follow. This application consists of four sub modules application, entries, enquiries, complaints.

Enquiry Module: Using this module users can route through different types of enquires he is looking for. This module contains four sub modules bill enquiry, changed number enquiry, telephone number enquiry and application enquiry.

Admin Module: Using this module admin can control various accounts and update latest news and even delete accounts.

Report Module: Main functionality of this module is to print reports on complains and issues directly from site.

Students can download entire project report with source code and on tele networking project from this site for free of cost.

Download Online tele network project source code and documentation from this link.