Online Prepaid Card System

The main aim of Online Prepaid Card System  is to the decrease the physical work at the online prepaid system without any human based errors. This system contains many features in which the subscriber details and outlet details will be provided perfectly that does not consume more time for storing the files. This will even allow the users to get rid calculating typical credits and profits. The main title of this project is “Automation of Online prepaid distribution Accounts Management” which is a user friendly application easy to access without any operational errors. This system will perform different tasks such as manipulation of sales transactions, storage of subscriber and outlet details, managing regular transactions, verifying stock updates, production of regular reports as well as maintenance of credit reports. Nowadays, even company is maintaining all these data physically and this application will support them in updating and storing the data online.

Existing System

In many existing systems the users are faced with different data entry and data storage problems in managing the information on subscribers successfully. They are even facing problems in data verification and Sim activation process because of manual updating which is consuming more time and leading to many human based errors.

Proposed System

The proposed system is totally based on online process in which the data will be stored in computers and it will be stored in the database and the information stored can be accessed easily as well as the sale and profit calculations can even be calculated easily.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system needs Windows XP operating system with HTML and Java Script of client side with JDK 1.5, Servlets, JSP 2.1 and Struts from server side with a specific backend of database of Oracle 10g along with Apache Tomcat server 5.0 for Java programming.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of this system are Pentium 2366MHZ with SVGA color monitor with 10GB hard disk and 512MB hard disk. 

Download Online Prepaid Card System Project Abstract.

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