Online Picture Management System Java Project


Online Picture Management is a social-networking website. This website is developed to  share Photos and Videos. This management system  provide an automatic tagging of pictures and videos. This management system will  categories all the received information.


Online Picture Management system is a web based application. This application maintains all the information about photos and videos posted by the users. This system provides a platform for sharing photos and videos in a secured way.

Now a day’s all the communication is done online, depending on the necessity of the users this website is developed. It has became difficult for one to track the information about people and exchange information. To overcome this problem user can get registered with this online picture management system. This website makes the sharing process easy and simple.

User will be given a unique username and password. He can search for people and share the information like photos and videos in a secured manner. This website stores the shared data. The data will be shared in a way without losing any content.


The main objective of this online picture management is to provide a automated data received  from users. To makes the conversation easy without any disturbance in sending or receiving.


General user module:

General user module shares videos, photos should provide automatic tagging of pictures and videos and categorize them. Users should be able to add content, add small pieces of new functionality and change their portion of the site. Being dependent highly on dynamic content collaborated by users, the site should have the features to auto analyze topics, group discussions, auto recommend threads based on searches etc

System Admin module:

This module reports for Site admin .The operational reports to make the site better in future. Should have the ability to tag social discipline violators using their UID, authenticity for adding users are utmost important for such a website. Definitely one should not be allowed to have more than one profile, validation of user should be done using email id.

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP

Database                                 :           Oracle 10G

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript, Ajax

Browser                                   :           IE 6.0/ Mozilla

Operating System                   :           Windows/Linux

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