Online Matrimonial System Website PHP Project

Project Title: Online matrimonial web site
Front End: PHP / HTML / JavaScript / Photoshop/ Flash
Back End: MySQL

Site map
• Site map shows list of mainly used pages in website

Online matrimonial web site
User home
User Home page
• This Page Shows user home page
• And operation that user can carry
• Out once logged in
• This page indicate user registration form it is firs form among two.
• Second registration form Seek for
• More advance detail of user
My account
• My account shows my profile information and allow me to change my profile photo.
• It also allow user to change his/her password, photo album, and who is online.
Full Profile
• Full profile of the user has been
• Presented in this form
• As we all know searching is most useful and crucial feature of any social content base web site
• Hear we have provide six different
• Type of search.
Membership Schemes
• Schemes and detail description of
• Schemes are shown in this page

Success story
• It shows story of couple who find there match from this web site
• You can also post your success story by simply filling form.
Contact Us
• Any query regards to the website will be submitted through contact us page.
• User can also access feed back page to give rating to this site

Update profile
• Update profile page allow you to update your profile in database.
My photo album
• As its name suggest this page allow user to manage there photo album change, delete and add photos

Who is online

• It shows list of user who is online write now.
Admin login
• Ask for admin user name and password

Admin home

• Admin home page from witch admin can carry out further operation
Manage user
• Manage users it display user details allow to change user status, delete user and add user.
Manage column
• This page allow admin to manage all columns that appear when user register them self
• Admin can add update delete and change status of columns
Manage plan
• Admin can change details of plan and apply new plan Site configuration
• Admin is responsible to set site configuration and allowed to change configuration
About us
• This page is use to manage information display on about us page at client side
Success story
• This page is use to add, delete and change status of success story
Privacy policy
• Admin can change privacy policy
Terms & condition
• Admin can decide term & condition of site
Feed back
• Admin get feed back sent from client show it and delete feed back once analyzed deeply

Contact us

• Admin can see message send by client through contact us page and then delete it
Change password
• In this page administrator can change their password

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  1. I am not able to download this project not also able to view its source code
    Can u please send it on my mail-Id (In PHP)

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