Online Evaluation System Project PPT

Online Evaluation System Project PPT consists of project design details, data flow diagram, screen shots, sequence diagram, Flow chart, Existing and proposed system overview. Students can download full project source code and project report from below reference links.

Disadvantages of the Existing System:

  • Existing system was not user-friendly
  • System was not well organized and precise
  • It was time-consuming
  • Information was redundant and inconsistent
  • It didn’t integrate all the modules  Decision making was difficult

Online Evaluation System Project Features

  • To overcome the limitations of the existing system that will provide the user the facility of choosing the exam he wants to write and saves a lot of time and money for both examiner and the examinee.
  • Online Evaluator will be user-friendly.
  • It will maintain the information of the users who are registered and who wrote the exam and what results they got.
  • It will also maintain information about the questions and answers and it automates the process of evaluating the answers sheets and issuing of results.
  • At the end of the exam, it will display the exam summary consisting of a number of questions answered, number of correct answers, number of wrong answers, number of left answers and result of the exam that is whether the user passed the exam or not.

Automated Processes:

The automated process is a process which is executed automatically by the system. After completion of interaction with the user, the system will perform some automated processes.

  • In the user registration process, the user is asked to fill a registration form. After filling the form his registration will be completed by the system with the issuing of a user id.
  • After the user finishes the exam the evaluation process is done automatically by the system.
  • Issuing of results is also an automated process and the database is automatically updated with marks. 

Non-Automated Processes: 

Non-automated Process is a process, which is completely executed by the human actor. If any modifications are required to the System then the human actor will handle them.

  • Admissions are to be done manually
  • Institutions cannot be registered online
  • Sending userid and password to the Institution

Download Online Evaluation System Project PPT

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