Online E commerce Website Activity Diagrams

Project Title: Online E commerce Project Website Activity Diagrams

Online E commerce Website web application project provides activity diagrams while in development stage, this article explain about user and admin work flow features with diagrams. The below attached User of the shopping cart system activity diagram explains about how login activity of user and admin works, Here user enters user name and password in the login web form and system validates the user details with the database, if the user details are equal to the database details then it can accept the user login form and proceeding to the next level or else it can reject the user login.

User of the shopping cart system activity diagram

The below attached Registration activity diagram for e commerce website is to provide details about how new user or admin registration to the web application works. Here user enters total details like user name, password and personal details then click on the sign in button, where inner code validate the details entered by user, it is basically works with client side scripting language java script and finally accept the user registration process.

 Registration activity diagram for e commerce website

The below attached Admin Activity Diagram explains admin username and password validation, managing user orders, manage new product details, data processing methods, accepting money payments, user and group permissions, etc.

Admin Activity Diagram

The below attached User Activity Diagram explains about user product details, ordering products, view products, etc.

User Activity Diagram

Download Online E commerce Website Activity Diagrams, UML Diagrams, ER Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams.

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