Online Course Portal Project in Java

Online course portal project is developed in java platform. Main aim of this project is to implement a web based portal with education information which will be useful for college students. Using these web portal students from different parts of the world can share knowledge by updating to the queries posted by other students and uploading course related material to website. Online education is one o f the fast growing filed on web where users can directly solve problems by visiting website without any help from teachers. This system had increased scope of online education and online courses. Along with online courses this web site can be updated with other information like job updates, online exam details , upcoming events , government job , guidelines for higher education.

In existing system only way for course learning is by going to school and take lessons from lectures. In this system there are few issues quality of education may not be good in every college and payment for courses. This process is not a efficient method in present trend as web is providing new sources of better education.

In proposed system users can learn from web portal where high quality faculty will help students for improving knowledge. This system will reduce cost for education and improve standard of education.

Computer science students can find more related project with project reports and source code form this site for free download.

Download Online Course Portal Project in Java with source code.

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