Greenwich Online Course Management System Project

Online course management system project is a web portal which works as communication platform between students, teachers and training institutes. With the advancement of latest technologies and fast way of communication on web it is easy to develop a application where education training can carried out. Greenwich application helps students to learn different types of courses through online and teachers can earn money and share knowledge by applied for training post through online and training institutes can develop business by creating this platform.

Online Course Management System

Working Procedure:

  • After installing database and setting up all the procedure that is explained in things to follow document we can execute application.
  • After execution is completed main screen with Home, login, registration, courses, admin and help features are displayed.
  • In order to test application we need to create data for admin, student and technician.
  • First register using admin registration form and get user name and password or users can use existing admin name and password by looking in database tables.
  • Using Registration form for student a new record should be created to get student id and password. Users can also use existing student id and password by looking after related table in database.
  • Create new record for technician by filling all required details using registration form.
  • Now all records are created for student, admin and technician.
  • Users can test different features in admin ( delete, modify, update )  and Student module ( see courses , select courses, contact technician..etc ) , Technician ( read messages form students, update personal details..etc ).

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  1. Can I have a documentation and source code for this project-Automated Lecturer Work Related Learning Funds tracking system

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