Online Communities Service Projects

Introduction to Online Communities Service Projects:

An online community consists of a collection of people who vests similar interests in a certain subject. They can communicate each other through this community and share their ideas, thoughts and even files.  People involve in all sorts of online communities, based mainly on location, religion, sports etc. Online communities have evolved over these years, from a small text chat application to voice chat rooms to a complete live video conferencing; it has come a very long way. Most communities will be consumer focused or business to business focused.

Classification of online communities:

  • Discussion: Includes various online forums where a user can comment on various topics
  • Task Oriented: In this users has to complete a goal assigned to them like online exams.
  • Virtual World: Users can play games online or create a virtual avatar of themselves

The first major goal of any online community is to attract new memberships, once a member a user is Ssubjected to the pros and cons of the community world.  Some go a long way to become the most valued members of the community or some may falter out of the way due to lack of interest or the emergence of a new and stronger rival community. Many terms are coined for the users in a community such as inbound, inside, boundary etc. depending on their current status in the community.

Bonding of its members is a key in the success of online communities. Members should show commitment towards a community during its bad times and sometimes should take the leadership responsibility as well. The egos and false pride has to be kept away and messages should be spelled out carefully without hurting anyone.

Some advantages of online communities:

  • A place to come together for persons of similar interests, ideology and thoughts
  • Allow users to communicate through voice, text or video mediums
  • Enhance people’s reputation by projecting them in a good way
  • No work hours, is active 24*7
  • Easy access to persons in far off places

Download Online Communities Service Projects and reference documents.

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