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Online Booking For Railways And Enquiry On Reserved Tickets

March 10, 2012

This Online Booking For Railways And Enquiry On Reserved Tickets project is aimed at developing online web portal which helps online railway reservation system. The constraints of the project can be available with two modules the user module and the admin module. This java project uses Jdbc connectivity, Servlets, and Java server pages for the front end and Oracle database server for the back end.

      Railway Reservation online web portal which allows users to book the railway tickets through online/internet. This feature shows booking status contains which berth number is allotted to which passenger and it can provide the waiting List. Users can check the berth status by using PNR number.

This Java Final Year project implements the idea of maintains the oracle Data Base Reports where the user can interact with the database server. This project does most of the Designing work of checking for the details. We hope that this package would prove to be an excellent tool for Railway Reservation Management. We whole-heartedly welcome any suggestion on the improvement of this project.

Download Online Booking For Railways And Enquiry On Reserved Tickets

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  1. Richa wrote:

    Thanks for this great material..

    Is it possible to get source code also for this projects ?

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