Online Book Purchase and Sales PHP Project

  • Project Title: Online Book Purchase and Sales PHP Project
  • Software Tools: Adobe Dream Viewer, Notepad++, Wamp Server.

Project Overview: Online Book Purchase and Sales system is the open source web based project developed with PHP scripting language and open source MYSQL database server. This web application provides huge database of different book collections over the internet where any person can search interested books and purchase it through different payment options where user can send a purchase order to merchant online. User can register himself in the index webpage through registration link as member or book provider both where he can add his personal books to our database for sell. The optimization of this PHP project has done and works successfully without delay at the server. In order to make our web site more attractive and user friendly, we introduced some more features like–

  • Provide total information about each and every book and its user ratings by user reviews, by author ratings.
  • Provides search engine options based on book type, book Author, Book Name, Publisher name, cost of the book.

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