Online Book Mash Up Through Flex on Java

Project Title: Online Book Mash Up Through Flex on Java

Technologies used: Java, Adobe Flex, Tomcat Web server.

We have developed a web page for online book mash up through flex on Java. Mash up is a web based application that unites data from two or more external online sources and represent in one portal. In this software application, if anyone wants to purchase any book through online, we have to browse websites like,,,, etc, then select a book which you want to buy, then go to the purchase it link, transactions can be made with the credit card, debit card, PayPal, check deposit, etc.  If we want to know the price of the same book in another website then we will try to open other websites and we try to compare their prices by opening the two websites on same browse. This web project was mainly designed for final year engineering students and coded with adobe flex, java programming under tomcat web server.

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