Online Air Ticket Booking System Asp.Net Project Abstract

Introduction to Online Air Ticket Booking System Asp.Net Project:

The Proposed System is completely and officially done as per the requirement to develop the application. The system includes the all required features for the implementation of software and also mentions the user interface and training to work in the software and its documentation. 

The Proposed Project is the Online Air Ticket Booking System to reserve the seat in a flight for the Passengers and to enquire the ticket confirmation. The System will be the part of the Air travel agency and the travel company for showing its status and selling their tickets online. Previously the passenger had to go personally to book the ticket at the ticket counter of the travel company or the travel agency and to inquire the flight schedule. 

The Existing System 

The existing system is based on the manual ticket counters present in the Airport. The passenger has to visit personally at Airport to enquire the schedule and to book a ticket. The travel agency provides the advance booking for the passengers and the travel agents has to depend on the Reservation officials for confirmation of the ticket that makes the procedure cumbersome for the passenger and the agency. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System is the Online Air Ticket Booking System which is online portal for the Air flights to enquire and book tickets. 

The Proposed System can be implemented on the hardware consists of the Pentium III 400 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM. 

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