Offence Discarder Java Project Abstract

  • Project Name:  Offence Discarder Java Project Abstract.
  • Technology:  java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Java Script, HTML.
  • Database:  Oracle Server.


The objective of this Offence Discarder Java Project application is to maintain a centralized repository of information related to various crimes that may happen across the country. The purpose of this final year CSE & IT project is to enable law enforcement agencies to quickly access the information and take appropriate actions and steps. This project was designed with Java servlets & JSP for validation. Oracle database server can be used for creating tables to store all details.


  • Interacting with the client for requirement gathering, specification analysis, Flow chart design.
  • Analysis and Implementing the Presentation logic.
  • Involved in functional Testing of the user Module & admin module

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