Object Tracking And Detection Seminar Report

Introduction to Object Tracking And Detection Seminar Topic:

Object tracking has become important in computer vision. The usage of high-powered computers, ensuring higher quality, automation of video analysis is responsible for implementation of object tracking.

Object tracking is a method of tracking an object through alternate image frames for finding its movement when compared to remaining objects. Tracking can be simplified by using constraints on objects related to its movement or appearance and even we can constrain the movement of object with fixed velocity. Problem can be simplified knowing about objects its number, its sizes and also appearance, shape in prior.

There are various approaches for object tracking and the approaches depends on various factors such as image features, size, shape and appearance of objects. In general object is a thing which can be further analysed; it can be anything like vehicles on road. Each object is represented by their shape. And in this paper object shapes are used for tracking objects.

Object detection from video sequence is the process of identifying moving objects in sequence using digital image processing techniques. And moving object detection is based on object identification which is moving and tracking of moving object.

 In this paper we will see a number of algorithms its advantages and disadvantages of moving object detection. Object tracking is used to track both spatial and temporary changes. Were some features of these objects are selected and matched on to other frames. In this paper we have discussed about Object tracking and also about Object tracking in detail along with its approaches.

The paper gives the advantages of Object Tracking for tracking of objects, its features and its approach towards other tracking methods. 

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