NPA Of The Banks Future MBA Seminar Reference Material

Introduction to NPA Of The Banks Future:

The commercials banks future image is more than the banks of the public sector will be observed to be flushed. Finally in the future, by observing the Trend Line recommends that the NPAs of the banks related to the public sector will decrease in the gross figure and net figures marginally over the subsequent coming years in the future. This is because of the higher provisions, and these provisions are been provided through the banks of public sector.

In NPAs, the real issue that needs to be identified is that though the percentage of the NPAs is observed to be declined over the years but absolute figure observed in real to be in maximizing way. In future years, it is interesting to observe that the NPAs both in terms of absolute figures and in terms of percentage of public sector banks in this vein. And the banks should follow certain measures in facing the problems related to the non-performing assets.

And the banks should make use of the acts which are allotted to them in order to recover the loans or assets by following certain measures within the recovery process and should even allot some ethics and principles to the recovery agents within the recovery process. The recovery process should not spoil the relationship between the banks and the customers.

The Indian banks should consider the Non-performing assets as the serious issues and should be able to face them without affecting the economy of the banks.

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