Night Vision Technology Seminar Abstract

Introduction to Night Vision Technology Seminar:

In the previous article we have seen what exactly the night vision technology is up to now let’s proceed further to next level of our understanding. Now since us now that Night Vision Device was initially created for military use? Let talk about the military that are effective in using this Night Vision Device (NVD). 

The generally use the Generation 3 type of night vision technology.So why exactly Generation 3 is the reason is simple by seeing this example. When a battle occurs, the military soldier do not look whether it is day or night they keep on moving till they win the battle .So at night the main task of using NVD comes . 

If NVD works only for few minutes then at last crucial minute of battle it might not work, making it less important to military soldier.

If we can make the lifetime of NVD device more it would be quite be useful for the army to win the battle. Also the main concept of thermal imaging lies into picture as discussed earlier. 

Next simple example we can see is during hunting of animals in jungle.One of the best examples of practical implementation of NVD is hidden object selection this can be used for detecting bomb planted in unknown location. This is essential in today scenario where there is lot of terrorist attack. Thus a personal point of view and lesson to learn to human kind. 

Initially this NVD device was developed keeping in the mindset the requirement of military. So now all you science enthusiastic might think whether there can be night vision Google, Yes there is night vision Google which depend on photo electric effect. Since in study of physics we usually deal with electrons, photons, noise the practical use of these physics concepts can be seen implemented in real life.

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