New Trends in the Communication through Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks Project background

Wireless networking has changed the communication patterns being followed traditionally across the world and always the increase in technology leads to improve the communication all the time. Day by day the usage of these wireless networks are increased and many number of applications are also invented in this context and these applications uses the best features of the wireless networking to make available to the end users at the optimal conditions.

In general wireless networks are popular due their seamless operation node and they can be deployed across any conditions without any specific infrastructure requirements. There are different categories to be considered across the wireless networks and the most popular among them are wireless local area networks (WLAN), where the introduction of WLAN technology has taken new trends in the communication thru wireless networks. In general this wireless LAN can be considered as the best choice of networking when there are few resources available against the networking operations.

There are different nodes and servers against the wireless LAN’s and these nodes will act as the source and the servers will act as the destination in  most of the cases and the communication among the nodes and server is purely a wireless based and there are some access points as well in this technology. This access point plays the key role in completing the communication mechanism across the network and they act as the center points in the network. The parameters that make the wireless LAN to work are the actual application being used across the wireless LAN and the nature of the traffic being generated. 

In general the wireless LAN contains mobile nodes and fixed nodes and the mobile nodes are flexible enough to move randomly to the desired position across the network and thus they have some topological problems as well. Apart from the advantages with the wireless LAN there are some basic issues and the most important among them is the security. Wireless LAN networks are prone to node level and network level attacks and they are feasible enough to encourage the attacks on the network. Mobility is the major nature of the wireless LAN that makes it to open for the security issues and these issues can be of different types like packet flooding and Dos attacks.

Wireless networking

The behavior of the wireless LAN is completely changed due to these attacks and they can’t support the nodes anymore during the communication process and thus a perfect security model is required always and in this process there are many security models introduced and most of them are proved to helpful in identifying and preventing the corresponding security threats. In this project the simple wireless LAN topology is considered and the basic security requirements are analyzed and the impact of the security against the overall performance of the network is also studied. Importance of security for the wireless LANs is the main point considered in this research and it is improved across the simulation done in this project and the actual problem identified is given in the next section along with the proposed solution.

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