Network Security MSc Computer Networking Dissertation

Other important classes: 

Apart from the Java classes, following are some of the important classes used in this coding process 

Sender: This class holds the coding logic to activate the sender and handle the request to decide the sender. 

Signup: This class holds the coding logic to create a new user, if he or she is new to the system and a separate login id and password are created using this class 

Login: The basic code to check the validity of the login credential is done in this class and the corresponding steps in the case of successful or failure login is decided in this class. 

Important Database tables used: 

Different database tables are created in this Network Security project and they are as given below

  • QuantumKey, this table is used to save the actual quantum keys generated using the random functions. These keys can be used for the purpose of encryption and decryption as described in the previous sections
  • UserDetails, this table is used to save the users created during the signup process and the users are maintained along with their login credential and the corresponding rights and access permissions to the network.
  • Transmission, this table maintains the details like sender id, transmission id, routing configuration and all the IP addresses. 

All the important coding aspects are discussed in this chapter and there are still many other aspects like, detailed encryption and decryption procedure followed. The actual process followed to create the quantum keys is important in this project. Quantum key distribution is done using these keys and the actual keys are composed of binary information and the corresponding quantum keys are distributed among the users using the DES algorithm as explained in the above section. The process of quantum key distribution MSc Computer Networking Dissertation is done using the mediator protocol as discussed in the design section.

This Paper is written & submitted by Vamshidhar A.

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