Network Monitoring System with Simple IP Subnet Calculator Tool Software Requirements

 Little importance was given to this phases in the early days of software development. Hence need for the requirements analysis phase arose. The requirement analyst has to identify the requirements by tacking to these people and understanding their needs. In situations where the software is to automated a currently manuals process, most of the needs can be understood by observing the current practice.

  Performance Requirements

The project must the end user requirements. Accuracy and fast must be imposed in the Project.                                                

           The project is development as easy as possible for the sake of end user. The project has to be developed with view of satisfying the future requirements and future enhancement.

The tool has been finally implemented satisfying the needs specified by the company. As per the performance is concerned this system said is performing

This processing as well as tine taken to generate well reports where also even when large amount of data was used. The system is designed in such a way that even when large amount of data used for processing there would less performance degradation. 

 Interface requirements

 Hardware Interface

The stranded input device like keyboard and mouse are to get input. The output will be generated and display in the monitor. The reports can also be exported to a SQL-server document are text file. The stranded printer in used to take outputs.

 Software Interface

The design part and interface id done the front end ASP.Net and SQL server as a backend of the project. 

 Operational requirements

The database or databases that are being failed over to the stand by server cannot be used for anything else. But databases on the standby server not being used for failover can still be used normally.

When it comes time for actual failover, you much one of two things to make your application work either rename the standby server the same name as the failed production server(and the IP address),

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